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I Believe in Love Jack Frost x Reader P.20
Note for this chapter: There is a bit of violent imagery near the end of this chapter which makes this one a little PG-13 I suppose... It’s not really bad though, I don’t go into details or anything. I would also like to mention that this may contain spoilers for those who are interested in reading the books that ROTG is based from. I have not read the books myself, but I did peek into Pitch’s back story briefly and put just a tidbit of it in here. For those who will read this chapter all the way through, I have some additional notes in the description below.
*You turn over the cylinder to look at whose face lies on the bottom. Slowly, you turn it over. You hold in a gasp as you immediately recognize the face. Pitch.*
You steady your trembling hand and then sink onto the platform floor. Tooth said that there were memories in the teeth… you remember. But why is there only one tooth? And was Pitch a child at one time? Your curiosity is burning and question
:icondarkershadow348:darkershadow348 195 175
An Unexpected Coffee Date - Hope
[Jake x Reader, 1st person POV (I/You/They) ]
Why is it that shit always happens to me in Diners?
I mean, really. It was astounding. I lived in a pretty big city, so of course you could find Diners everywhere. But I always went to Sburb, and everything happened there for me. My first date. My first kiss. My first not-decaffeinated coffee. (The high lasted for 7 hours) 
But that night, all I could expect to happen was my last meal.
I was sitting in one of the booths against the huge windows out front, sipping on some quality-as-fuck hot chocolate. About 10 minutes after I sat down, a group of thugs walked in, as if they just crawled out of the alley next to the diner. Boys and girls, around their 20's, in hoodies and baggy jeans, making a huge fuss by the entrance. I tried to keep my eyes away from them, and so did the other few patrons that were out this late. I really couldn't expect that visiting an all night diner at 2 AM would be good for me, but I still would have neve
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 154 32
Teacher!France x Reader - Just Lost A Bet
Francis turned the doorknob without warning and startled a few students. They all scattered and went back to their seats. Francis smiled mentally. He loved how his students made jokes, told him their private lives and yet were afraid of him. He turned to the class.
“Okay guys, as I promised last week, today we’re not going to open the cover of any book and we’re just talking.” Cheers rose from the students. Everyone in this class loved bets and last week, they had made one with their beloved teacher Francis Bonnefoy. Since their exam results were almost perfect thanks to that bet, Francis had to set them free for two weeks.
The only student who didn’t seem as eager as others about this was _______. She was an interesting girl. She never saw a point in trying to impress people. She didn’t try to look cool or be popular. She only had a few people that she talked to, but everyone at the school knew her. She was also one of the rare seniors who didn’t try
:iconavrupasya:Avrupasya 127 24
Burning Snow {England x Reader}
The tapping of heavy rain awakened (Name) from her dreamless sleep. Rising from her worn out mattress, she groggily glared at the dust-stained window a few feet away from the bed before glancing at the clock.
3:01 am
Sighing, she collapsed back onto the bed and stared up at the ceiling dully. How long has she been here again? With every passing day going by agonizingly slowly, the (h/c) haired woman lost track.
Oh, that's right. It's been eleven months.
Eleven long months since (c/n) had been taken over by Great Britain. (Name) remembered quite vividly the day Britain launched a surprise invasion on her country. Now, (c/n) was not particularly large in landmass, unlike France or Italy, yet it was not as small as Switzerland. However, it had begun to suffer from some financial problems, and it certainly didn't help that her neighboring country began to eye some of her territory.
Just as the country’s economic situation began to get better, Great Britain decided to invad
:iconjessicac924:JessicaC924 63 43
Serving you (Prussia x Reader) part 18
Part 18
When you returned to the part of the camp where Ludwig had left you to talk to your fellow soldiers, it was already quite late in the evening. The sun had gone down only a few minutes ago and the evening sky coloured a bright red, streaked with purple and threatened by the approaching dark. The silence in the camp made you feel a bit uncomfortable – you could even call it ‘unheimlich’. This place was bursting with life only a few hours ago and now there was not a living soul to be seen. Was it past curfew already? Were you even allowed to be out at this hour? You weren’t sure. If only you knew where Ludwig was hanging out…he would be able to tell you.
You scratched the back of your head and sighed. The boy probably forgot that he didn’t tell you where you were staying. That was troublesome. Because really…what were you supposed to do now? You couldn’t sleep outside, could you?
You walked ahead, hoping that you would somehow bump i
:iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 18 11
Germany [Ghostalia x Reader]
Rolling your head to the right, you let your gaze pass through the ghost who was lightly rocking in the swing next to you. Sometimes it was best to pretend you could not see them before talking to them. Ghosts could be skittish creatures, especially the older ones. They knew no one could see them, so you had to earn their trust before you earned their companionship.
Your unfocused eyes went through him - at least, you thought it was a him by the build - and strayed to the treeline. Your pseudo-interest in the waving branches did its job by distracting your otherworldly swing-set partner. Focusing back to the ghost at hand, you could safely say that he was a man.
Broad shouldered, heavy set, deeply muscled; this was a man of action. Your eyes flicked over him: his hands, an iron grip plain to see; his boot-clad feet; the shift of his back as he stood, a gun strapped tightly there. When he turned back to you, your vision was comprised of medals that gleamed like witch-light and a uniform
:iconmiistical:Miistical 80 36
Forevermore (Romano x Reader)

There are times when I just want to look at your face
With the stars in the night
There are times when I just want to feel your embrace
In the cold night
I just can't believe that you are mine now

I gazed out at the night sky from the open window of ____’s bedroom. They were beautiful tonight, just like any other night when I was with ____. They sparkled the same way, but her face shined more brightly than the stars did.
            Suddenly, cold arms wrapped around my waist and hugged me tight, warming me up from the cold night. I relaxed into them and rested my hands over ____’s. It was still hard to believe that ____, the super popular girl of my high school, would go out with a guy like me, Lovino, who was such a worthless fool that was always overshadowed by his brother.
            But either way, I was glad
:iconmyksz:myksz 337 134
A Little More You (Italy Veneziano x Reader)

I could use a little less rain on the weekends
(Oh woah oh)
I could use a little less drama from my friends
(Oh woah oh)
I could use a little less spam in my e-mail
(Oh woah oh)
And a little less talking, a little less detail
I sighed as I looked out of my window; it was Saturday and it was raining, it prevented me from hanging out with ____ all day. But even when I hang out with her, her friends always keep me from hugging her or kissing her cheek, the way Italians like me say hello.
            Suddenly, I felt my phone vibrate from inside my pocket and took it out. My boss had messaged me again. I sighed; these messages were getting to be a pain to delete, not that I would’ve minded if ____ would send me a message once in a while.
            The door to my roo
:iconmyksz:myksz 209 63
FranceXTourist!Reader: Je T'aime Mon Cher
~(b/f) means best friend, and in this story, your best friend in female. Let me know in the comments if you have any fanfic ideas that you want me to write!~
“Hey, (f/n), do you have everything packed in your carry on?” your best friend/roommate (best friend) asks from the doorway of your room, hanging on the door frame and swinging back and forth. You look up from your suitcase at her as you roll up a blouse and place it in.
“Yeah, it’s all packed. I put it on the kitchen table. Is yours packed?” (b/f) glances to the left nervously.
“What? Why? The flight is leaving for France in a few hours! I don’t want to miss it.”
“I’m sorry, dudette! I just don’t know where my backpack is!”
“Yeah?” You point at your desk, which has a blue and pink plaid backpack resting next to the computer keyboard. She looks at you and facepalms. The sound of her hand hitting
:iconbella-the-hetalian:bella-the-hetalian 47 10
Horrortale Pg1: Fallen by Sour-Apple-Studios Horrortale Pg1: Fallen :iconsour-apple-studios:Sour-Apple-Studios 364 43 Horrortale Comic 06: Feigned Sickness by Sour-Apple-Studios Horrortale Comic 06: Feigned Sickness :iconsour-apple-studios:Sour-Apple-Studios 740 114
Serving you (Prussia x Reader) part 17
Part 17
The camp was enormous. At least, that was the impression you got after walking around for half an hour. You weren’t able to tell how many square metres it covered, but it surely covered a lot of them. There were white tents everywhere, lined up neatly in never-ending rows and separated by small roads that burst with people running from one place to another.
“Quite a busy place, isn’t it?” It was an utterly useless question…and you didn’t really expected an answer, but Ludwig gave you one nonetheless.
“Brilliant observation,” he said with a grin in your direction. “You worked that out by yourself?”
“Don’t mock me, young man,” you said while sending him a grin of your own.
“It’s sarcasm…the only form of joking I’m capable of. As a man you ought to master it.”
“Oh, really? Well then, you’ll be happy to hear that there is no need for me to do so, since I already m
:iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 14 13
Edward x reader ~ Hold me...
“N-no! Leave me alone!”
The boy shot up from where he had been sleeping restlessly, wriggling, breathing heavily and turning sides every thirty seconds. You had been watching him struggle and finally had decided to wake him up from an obvious nightmare. With a gentle touch, you ran your hand through his bangs, moist from sweat forming on his forehead.
“Don’t touch me!” Edward looked terrified and gathered all the blankets to his arms, as to keep himself safe. Your heart broke to million pieces when you saw the look in his amber eyes. It was full of grief, hate and fear. Even though you knew you weren’t the one making him feel that way, you felt extremely guilty. You didn’t dare to touch him again, so you just watched your boyfriend as his breath slowed down and he relaxed. He began to let his eyes wander about your tense form from the other side of the bed.
“…I’m so sorry, (Name). I didn’t mean to…” He lowere
:icondreamalittledaydream:dreamalittledaydream 193 83
Nightmares (Edward Elric x Reader)
“Don’t! Stop it! Don’t go in there you idiot!”
You rolled your eyes as the blonde beside you kept screaming at the TV, when would he learn.
“Why would you – ahhhh” his words were caught off by a loud shriek and soon, all you could see was his blonde hair reaching out from behind the pillow he hid himself with.
“Ed it’s just a movie” you giggle, finding his behavior adorable
“I know, I’m not scared” he puffed as he threw the pillow to the side in an attempt to appear macho
“Oh really?” you started, taking a peak at the screen to make sure a scary monster was on “then look at the TV” you prompted
He huffed once more and turned towards the bright screen with a grin on his face. A grin that didn’t last long, as once he opened his eyes, the air was gone from his lungs and the pillow was back on his face.
“Urg! You’re too cute!” you exclaimed, jumping on the boy to hu
:iconotakulane:otakulane 214 113
America x Reader: They Said
You were just skimming through some books in the library, when you heard an obnoxious American laugh behind you. Nonchalantly, you turned towards the direction of the noise and almost wanted to face palmed at what was in front of you. Somehow, your annoying best friend Alfred managed to sneak in a hamburger and a soda in the library.
"Hey [name]! What are you doing here?" He asked, after deliberately taking a sip of his soda.
"Looking for a book to read, duh." You replied coolly.
"But reading isn't fun, unless it's reading about comics then it's cool because like there's superheroes and stuff." He babbled.
"Right… anyways what are you doing here?" You questioned.
"I was bored, so I asked someone where you were." He replied, before taking a bite out of his hamburger.
"Also, how did you get in the library without getting caught by the librarian…?" you asked, as you finally chose some random book.
"You won't believe this, but I think she fell asleep!" He said.
"Yeah right." You
:iconits-emina:Its-Emina 155 1,814
Like What You See? (Hetalia X Insecure!Reader)
Ugh, why me?!
Walking down the sidewalk toward Hetalia World Academy, you couldn’t help but anxiously ring your hands together and fiddle with your backpack, simultaneously awkwardly balancing a frappuccino from Starbucks. Your mind was a swirling mess of worries and dread; you really didn’t want to go to school today.
You owed your sense of unease to the shiny new pair of (f/c) glasses perched on your nose—you’d never worn them before today.
Your ophthalmologist (eye doctor) had examined you a few weeks previous and informed your boss (who had acted as your guardian for that appointment) that you were in need of a change—your eyesight was absolutely terrible; no sugarcoating about it. You had failed the majority of the tests given to you; you were awfully nearsighted. Anything across the room from you was blurry and smudged. Things tended to blend together when you attempted to read words on the book spines on that
:iconxxsilveretterosexx:xXSilveretteRoseXx 429 186


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